I wasn’t sure how to title this blog, other than freedom itself. It is the main goal and reason we travel, home school, jump around and live on our own terms. The RV lifestyle was like jumping into the unknown, with no opportunity to practice or pretend like we knew what we were doing. A lot of it was fear based, leading us to making a decision to live outside of our comfort zone and to experience day-to-day life from a small camper, living simply, yet still having comforts of “home”.

Towards the end of the second month of full-time camper living, we were getting ansy, on-edge, and sometimes down right confused by this path we took, for the sake of doing something against the social grain. The average day consisted of picking a good time to use our limited 10GB mifi-Jetpack from Verizon, understanding that we couldn’t use it for any videos, Netflix or Youtube, which was a huge struggle since there was a lot of downtime at night. We had to also be extra cautious with the water supply, since it only held 6 gallons of water, which meant very limited and FAST showers. Imagine this; the ceiling is only about 6ft tall, and my husband stands over that, so his back is breaking, from bending backwards to brush his teeth, requiring him take insanely quick showers.. water is running out the sides, being over 6f ft tall requires creativity and many relaxation methods to overcome limited standing room and living space-lol! We also had to be creative on where our showers and laundry days would come from, whether it be our in-laws home and using Regional Parks for showers and dumping days. There was a lot of options involved in this lifestyle, you just have to be willing and ready.

We also had to be weary of how much of the generator we used during our boondocking stays in the desert, if the weather is crappy, it is a challenge getting everything in order to make sure it stays dry and out of the rain and mud. Can’t forget about those lovely Burros! They love to come around the corner and scare our dog half to death, we had no clue that they can be dangerous, from our point of view they looked so friendly and enticing. Lastly, the final two areas of our “freedom” journey also required dedication to going to work, finding creative work opportunities and being willing to drive back and forth to U-haul storage units in order to get our camping and hunting supplies for our next trip up north. Lots of patience and looking at the bigger picture required in order to look past challenging days. Keep in mind, sometimes you would have to move from your desert location, due to blm land restrictions, 14 day limits and sometimes unbearable visitors, such as ATV riders, family day trips, traffic and a lots of other misc things that come up. But…. some of the best experiences have been the peaceful, tranquil, amazing, desert nights and some views that sunsets that could take your breath away.

Some days I found myself questioning my day-to-day life, questioning the ultimate motive for our so-called “freedom” quest and what the long-term goals would look life for our family of 3, plus a dog. Lots of prayers, lots of deep breathing and a lot of self-care books read in order to re-energize my thoughts . Idealism isn’t going to happen, but, I’m going to try my best to make my “idealistic” dreams for our family come true, God willing, that is.

I love my family and our blessing of a life too much to be ruled by working my life away, all to save for a retirement fund I’m not even sure we will be able to use. Nobody knows where tomorrow will take them, let alone if there will be a tomorrow.

Till next time……


Blessings to you,


Heidi 🙂





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