Behind the scenes..

Last time I wrote my family had started experiencing life on the road, as a full time RV family. Mind you, we were NOT living in anything remotely close to a luxury RV or 5th wheeler, rather a 1990 Mallard 5th wheeler, with maybe 70 feet of livable space. We wanted to try to do things differently, rather than sit back and wait for things to happen. We refused to let life’s routines and “fear based” tactics to dictate how we lived and raised our only child.  Life behind the wheel was a humbling experience, we lived amongst the desert creatures, soaked in the plethora of night stars and tranquility.

What most people didn’t know, was that this type of life isn’t for the weak of heart. It required dedication to alternate forms of living, using electricity, water and internet sparingly. It was also a wake up call to how simple and precise life was getting. At times it was a blessing and a “what were we thinking” moment. Not only has it opened doors to new walks of life, it has also introduced us to new people and ideas that have changed our life forever.

Within the last few weeks, we soon realized that our passions in life we taking the back burner to finding new places to boondock , mixing in with driving back and forth to storage units to gather our supplies for our outdoor activities. It also required patience for each other, taking turns walking around in a 75 ft space with maybe 6 foot ceilings and reminding everyone, a lot of the time, shortly, to stop running the water or to remember to lock the fridge. Patience was tested, space was limited, and so was our view on living on the road. Keep in mind we are also working and slowly working on new ways to generate income to suffice a “free” lifestyle that allows us to enjoy limited routine and the option to come and go as we like.

Our 10 yo, son, Ethan was also feeling the “change” especially when his bed was turned into a table each day, requiring him to learn to go with the flow of challenges and taking on a new point of view, rather than the dreaded “school routine” his other peers were facing. Child rearing alternatively has proven to be a blessing and has  decreased our limited beliefs and infused our life with more zest and challenge for  peace of mind!

I plan to update soon,

Take care and be kind to yourself!

Best wishes,

Heidi Oxendale 🙂


2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes..

  1. i have a dream of buying an old school bus & converting it to run on fryer grease and having me & my four kids live onboard as we discover the world…
    maybe one day.
    if you are ever in illinois, you can stop by & park here for a bit ❤ we are not a luxury hotel 😉 but we are kindred spirits.

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