Hope everyone has had a great year in 2016!

Hi everyone,

It has been over a year since the last time I have posted anything, I apologize, lots of things were taking a front seat to my blogging. It is time for me to stop making excuses and start blogging more.

Today you will find out family nestled back in Arizona, after 3 months of time off work. We saved up some money and went hunting and hiking in Montana, Colorado and Minnesota. We visited friends and family and learned about the great and beautiful states of the Rocky Mountains. There is something about those mountains that keeps drawing us back every few months.. it’s probably the views, serenity and many miles that separate us from civilization. These week long trips have provided us with new found respect for living simply and downsizing many of the items we own into a small U-Haul storage unit. This opportunity has provided us with more freedom to move around as we please and the chance to live as if we can get up and go at any second. Best moment of our trip was when our 10 yo son, shot his first buck ! It was a special moment for all of us.

We were blessed with the opportunity to take a temporary leave of absence from our jobs (unpaid) to explore the mountainous regions and find some peace of mind. Once we returned back to Minnesota this past November we were able to buy a 1990 Mallard 5th Wheeler to travel back to AZ in, this was a fun challenge and really provided our family with a new perspective. Our cats had previously passed away this summer, so our living arrangements have made things a little easier since then…

We arrived back in Arizona right before Thanksgiving, taking advantage of our mobile living arrangement we were able to camp out on BLM land in Florence, AZ while our son hunted for Javelinas, unfortunately, no luck!

As of today we are leaving freely, and moving around in our 5th wheeler, working part-time and focusing on new career opportunities! More about that later.

Thanks for reading- I will update shortly.

Lots of update! 🙂 I’m excited to share with you all.



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