Bedpans and Baths!


“Beep, beep beep!” that is the annoying sound I became to know and “love” for almost 8.5 years…that beeping sound is the noise of various patient call lights going off in either the nursing home, hospital or assisted living facilities I worked at since 2007. I slowly began to dread the thought of being someones’ caregiver, I began to loathe it actually. I never thought I would feel those feelings, until I almost threw my back out a few times, got yelled at by needy patients that didn’t have their daily pills on the dot, or the moody nurses who were either burnt out themselves, or felt it was beneath them to assist Nursing Assistants with basic patient care.

I know you may be thinking or asking yourself “why I didn’t become a RN or LPN to escape the grunt work or the emotionally draining days of having 6 completely dependent patients to almost 30 residents in a LTC center? I’ve seen it all, done it all and have been able to comfort the sick, dying, children that were wounded and the ones’ that were able to talk and walk again after a major car accident. You see, I was torn between doing something noble and humbling or getting the HELL out and doing something for better pay and with more “respect”, instead of the under the table name of
“Ass-wiper” or “bottom-feeder”. The list goes on and on…. I won’t bore you with the details. What I want to tell you is that this line of work really made me TRIPLE think life. There would be many days where I was holding hands of dozens of elderly and young people slip away into eternity and there lay their lifeless bodies for me to clean up and respectfully present to the families whom would come visit a couple times a year, once a month, or each day for that matter.

I wanted to really get things figured out and finishing my degree after taking a few years off after graduation (2003) seemed to be the “right” thing to do after all this.

I slowly started working on my Bachelor’s degree after I returned to Minnesota in 2011, it seemed like a daunting task after all those year off and only accumulating a couple semesters of college over the years. I gave up on the Nursing degree I was either all for it or NOT and something inside of me just didn’t have the desire to stress out or give it my all to countless hours of studying and test taking. This line of work really turned my life around and slowly brought me to where I am today. More later.

On this note I will end with this quote:

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life”



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