Wanting “more”…..

Thanks everyone for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read our blog-it means a lot to us. We are a small family of three, not including our aging, yet, young at heart pets (Raven-Black Lab, Gizmo- cat & Gizelle- cat). We are planning on hopping on the blog bandwagon to not only talk about unconventional lives, but also in hopes of expanding the thoughts on alternative education and going against societal expectations. Just to be clear, we have nothing against or any judgements  about  families taking the traditional route, it all is about what works best for each family. 🙂 This is just our take on life!

After 2011, our family, had this uncanny desire to explore and not settle in one place. I guess you could call us the “Wanderlust” family, instead of the Oxendale family. To put it not so lightly, we just wanted “more” out of life…. more than a house, more than a nice car, more than adult “toys” ( ATV, boats etc…) we want to dig deeper into life and figure out the meaning behind it, what drives us to explore and get lost in the meaning of it all. It is something that is hard to explain, or even put into words. After I accepted a job as a Patient Care Technician at Maricopa County Hospital (January 2011), I became home sick and we moved back to Minnesota to start life over, and to contemplate why we made such a major move from Minnesota to Arizona, in the first place. I soon realized that we really wanted to feel safe and have that companionship from friends and family that we “seemed” or “felt” like me we missed dearly.

It didn’t take long to realize that this feeling of homesickness was camouflaged by my own insecurities and the need to belong back with those that made me feel “safe”. This was a big wake-up call, and somehow the feelings of being back in one place, more specifically a COLD and BUGGY state did not settle with us too well. Yes, we are all natives of Minnesota, and Yes, you would presume we would be used to all the crazy weather experiences: dreary, buggy, humid, breezy, cold, numbing yet beautiful ( in its own way) days.

To put it simply:

We missed the road and the freedom it provided us, the unexpected adventures of traveling between different states and stopping at random truck stops and cool small towns. We also ached for the mountains and it’s peace and beauty, mixed with crazy adventures and great workouts. The blend of all of these things, truly made us re-think “settling down” and returning to suburbia- another day, another dollar and another boring routine of bills-holiday expectations, 9-5 grind and…..don’t hate me for saying this, but  PUBLIC SCHOOL EXPECTATIONS. Ethan was about to enter the system of no return………….

More later.



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