Oxendale Family: Trading suburbia for adventure

Our family had a house, apartments and some decent jobs- we even had a nice, green backyard for our son and pets to run around in. Sounds nice, ( American Dream) right? Wrong!  Slowly, a light bulb was growing brighter in our minds, steering us away from the typical family existence. There is no way to explain it, but rather, a burning drive to go against the grain and live life like there is no guarantee for retirement. Because, there is not!

Come on now… don’t you guys think that there is more to our lives and existence than having a 2 week vacation from our jobs and routinely hauling our kids to activities, church, chores and other mundane tasks? When do we even have time for our families and exploring this beautiful world we live in when it is all scheduled, mixed in with societal expectations.

Why do we want to live a continue rat race,  full of work just to make money that we don’t have time to spend. We believe the REAL american dream is when you take charge of your life and not settle for what is “expected of you”.

I’m going to be honest, we are sick of the “SAME” everything! Same:  house, friends, holiday, job, views, vacations, school, chores and expectations. Not that we don’t love our friends, but, we just want to get off the straight and narrow path.

Follow my blog and see how we make this life work, it is about shifting ones’ perspective, priorities and having the ability to think outside the traditional box.

Disclaimer:  This life isn’t for everyone, but, it has changed us for the better and our son, Ethan.



9 thoughts on “Oxendale Family: Trading suburbia for adventure

  1. Sounds great. Just in case you have followers who want to try this life style, I think you should lay out a concrete plan for them which includes a cash flow model. That way they can mitigate the associated risks that come with each adventure.

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  2. I’m dropping it too…in a different way right now. Glad to have someone like-minded along the way. There are few and far between of us who get annoyed at the blah of it all. I don’t get it either. Why the continual progression: grow up in the safe and materialistic suburbs, go to college, move to the city and be a yuppy, get married and be yuppies together, buy a house and move to the suburbs, have a baby, raise baby with profuse amounts of stuff in safe suburbs. I’m planning on living a life of simplicity, multiculturalism and community. Right now that plays out in living in a duplex in the heart of the city with people different from the blah “let’s be safe and materialistic” attitude of the suburbs. I find it is much more enriching and exciting than living next to the Joneses. Maybe its just that I can’t keep up. But I don’t want to try either. It’s much more satisfying to me to live in a less sterile and perfected environment.

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    1. Wow!! You took the words right out of my mouth…couldn’t have said it better!! Lets keep in touch. Is that your blog name too??
      Yes, we think alike, we plan to buy a fifth wheeler and travel around Arizona and explore.
      For now, it’s an apartment. Had a house..wasnt happy at all. Blah. Bills. Traditional. Kids routines and all made us cringe. Our son is an free spirit too. Works perfectly.
      How’s your job? How exciting..you’re an EXCELLENT writer.


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